Fabulously Spotted: First Lady Michelle Obama In A Pink Tracy Reese Dress, 2012 Democratic National Convention Speech

OMG! Wow! First Lady Michelle Obama delivered last night at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Not only did her speech go down well in the Arena her dress also stood out.

For the high sticks occasion,  millions of TV viewers over the world saw the first lady wear a dress from designer Tracey Reese.

The sleeveless A-line dress fell right at the knees. She also showed that the democratic president’s wife could look fabulous in pink an unlikely color for a DNC.  To her credit the lower third of the dress featured a blue ruffled flowy hem.

Mrs. Obama wore a pair of  pink shoes from J Crew.

It is to be noted Ann Romney, Mitt Romney’s wife wore a red Oscar de la Renta Dress for her Republic Convention speech. Michelle Obama has not yet worn an Oscar de la Renta dress at a major function in her 4 years inside the White House.

Oscar has been vocal about the first lady not wearing a single dress from him.

Was it a dig at Michelle Obama for Ann to wear an Oscar dress? Or does Republicans just have a thing for Oscar de la Renta? Laura Bush the wife of President George Bush was a big Oscar fan. She wore many of his designs.

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 Photos: Huffington Post, Getty Images