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Kim Kardashian’s Change of Style Since Kanye West! Has Kim Ditched N Dashed Fashion For Love?

July 16, 2012 by Sai Sankoh

Kim Kardashian’s Change of Style Since Kanye West! Has Kim Ditched N Dashed Fashion For Love?

I think we have all noticed a significant change in Kim Kardasian’s style since she started dating long time friend Kanye West. Has Kim Kardashian ditched n dashed fashion for love? The curvy bombshell who is always known for her long dark tresses has been spotted without her extension pieces. Sources say that Kanye tells her she looks good natural and does not need the extra hair. Sh was also known for her body hugging dresses and glamourous make up, but now the reality star is giving all that up for little or no make up and looking more like the girl next door.  We also miss her sky high heels. Lately the gorgeous and soon to be ex wife of basketball player Chris Humpries prefers low and comfortable heels compared to her expensive collection of Christian Louboutins. What do you guys think of her style? Was it better before Kanye West, or has Kanye West turned her into a Fashion D’ONT?

It’s good she gets to be herself around her boyfriend, but is she getting too comfortable? The star is seen here after pumping gas in this casual and not so flattering get up. She does not seem to have any make up on and her extensions are not on!!


The fit of this army green dress is just too tight and I do NOT love those boots.

The pair loves to wear matching pieces, her nipples can be seen through this shirt, and image she is working so hard to let go off.

This is a cool easy look but before Kanye, we would never have spotted Kim in a sweatshir!!!

Kimye spotted at the opening of the new Dash store. I like this look, but its just so plain and not like Kim, plus we miss her gorgeous curls

Kim is spotted wearing a Zara top, her street style was always over the top and super chic.

The reality star is known for showing her amazing curves, but this dress is so unflattering on her and the color is just not right.

Kim Kardashian donned this gorgeous Balmain dress at Cannes, but what was up with those hideous shoes?

Is Kim Kardashian Kanye’s New Muse? His ex Amber Rose was known for her huge furs!!!

 Check out these images of Kim Kardashian’s Fierce Street Style Prior to dating Kanye West!

What do you guys think? Do you prefer Kim’s style prior to dating Kanye West of After?




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