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The Most Beautiful Women In The World Are From Kiev, Ukraine! New York Is On The List!

June 21, 2012 by Jean Claude Coco

Every wonder where the most beautiful women in the world are located? There are opinions galore on the internet but few are that of well sourced Traveler’s Digest magazine. Here are their findings.

Travelers Digest’s Top Ten Cities With The Most Beautiful Woman says Kiev is ‘without a doubt, home to the world’s most beautiful women’. In praising its population the online magazine notes: ‘A visit to Kiev is truly awe-inducing and it’s almost hard to believe that women this beautiful even exist.

‘And for anyone who thinks that beautiful women must be vapid as well, Ukrainian women are ready to disprove that theory. ‘The women in the country are well educated and always ready to talk about literature or philosophy.’

Ukrainian born beauty Mila Kunis soaks it all in as Kiev is Number 1

 About second place Stockholm? ‘What you have seen on the beer commercials is true; Sweden really does have some of the world’s most beautiful women.’

‘The streets of Stockholm are literally packed with these gorgeous women, who are as tall as they are luscious.

‘Even better, is that Scandinavians are world renowned for their friendliness, so there’s a good chance that the girl you’re eying is actually a sweet and down to earth person.’

Women from Stockholm, Sweden are number 2. Blondes indeed love to have fun!

The only American city on the list was New York City, New York. Why? ‘New York was a close call for the number-one spot. Because New York is a melting pot of so many different cultures and ethnicities, the city has some of the most diverse and beautiful women in the world’.

‘The clubs in the Meatpacking District are packed full of models, and Brooklyn has enough cute hipster chicks to fill a thousand Apple stores.’

Kerry Washington was born in the Big Apple. There you go New York women are 3rd

 If you ever visit Buenos Aires, Argentina Travelers Digest suggests, “ask the most beautiful woman, that you have ever seen in your life, to teach you the tango.”

Buenos Aires, Argentina women are ranked 4th thanks to actress Araceli Gonzalez

 When it came to 5 placed Verna, Bulgaria they suggest visiting the Black Sea ‘becomes jam-packed with sunbathing beauties’ in the summer.

5th is Verna, Bulgaria thanks to Bulgarian Canadian actress Nina Dobrev

 Ever wonder about Russian women? Travelers Digest’s says: ‘This may surprise the cold-war generation who grew up believing the stereotypes of Russian women being plain and ordinary.

‘A quick visit to Moscow should set you straight on that front. Think tall, blonde or brunette and blue-eyed goddesses.

‘That’s not to say these girls are easy to talk to; Russians can be an intimidating bunch.’

Russian Bikini Clad model Irina Shayk and girlfriend to Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo comes to mind at number 6.

 They are also fond of the women from Tel Aviv, Israel. ‘There’s just something about dark features and green eyes that is exotic and appealing.

Tel Aviv, Israel made the cut at number 7. Bar Refaelila, Leonardo DiCaprio Ex Girlfriend Hails from there

 Those free thinking Dutch women. Traveler Digest calls them, “fantastic, liberal and open-minded beauties who are well educated and fun.”

‘Check out the nightlife in Leidseplein or take a romantic canal side stroll with a new lover and you’ll see that Amsterdam is so much more than just its red light district.’

Dutch women from Amsterdam came in 8th place

Rounding up the top 10 was Seoul, Korea and Montreal, Canada

Women from the Korean city of Seoul are 9th thanks to actress Song Hye Kyo

Canadian beauties from Montreal made the final cut at number 10...O' Canada!!

Canadian beauties from Montreal made the final cut at number 10...O' Canada!!

There you have it, picked by the Traveler Digest Magazine. Are there any surprises or omissions for you? For me Where are all the beautiful women from South America (under represented), Africa (Not Mention), the Middle East (Under Represented), Asia (Under Represented), and the Caribbean (Not Mention).

If you had to make up your own list What would you base your results on? Beauty clearly, but there is so much more to a city being ranked beautiful. I’m show they took aspects of living into consideration.

Written by: JeanClaude COCO


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