Big Hair, Hoops, With A Sexy Halter Herve Leger Leroux Gown! Nicole Scherzinger Caught Lots Of Attention From The Guys Including Will Smith!

May 15, 2012 by biaf

Va Va Voom!!! Where do I start? We all know Nicole Scherzinger has tons of Sex Appeal. So when you give her big hair, hoop earrings, and a sexy deep neck cleavage over flow halter Herve Leger Leroux gown she will give you amazballs. She show did at the Berlin Premiere of Men in Black 3 with others on the red carpet including Will Smith and Josh Brolin.

The star look sexy yet very in place for her audience. Hey even the guys appreciate it and we do to!!

Nicole and Will Smith

Nicole, Will Smith and Josh Brolin

Photos Courtesy: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Europe

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