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Give Away Time: Make Over, Photo Shoot & Win up 3 Fabulous Gifts From Restycle, Posh Nouveau and Tru Vision Clothing.

April 25, 2012 by Sai Sankoh
 Hey Fab Folks!! Happy Wednesday! Yes, yes,  we are feeling very generous at BIAF this month! My country Sierra Leone, celebrates its 51st anniversary this year, and we have decided a fab gown designed by me, was not enough, so we have  linked up with the GWB BallRestylclePosh Nouveau, and Tru-Vision Clothing for more fabulous give aways! Not only can you win up to 3 amazing gifts, if you are located in the DMV area, you will receive a fabulous make over and photo shoot! Are you attending the Green White and Blue ball? Did you follow me and Jean Claude’s guide to the perfect cocktail dress and suit? Then you most certainly stand a chance for this give away!! If not, review them now. The GBW BALL Most PoshStycleList Male and Female will receive fabulous giveaways! Exciting? Well you and your best pal has a chance, because it will be for 2 males and 2 female .


Female- They will both receive one of each item below. One size fits all items
1.Let it Fuzz Necklace from Portugal
2.Blue Defiance Bracelet

For the Gentleman!

Males will both receive one of each item below. One size fits all items
1.Bow-Tie Extravaganza Velvet (2 in 1 bow-tie). Color of their choice
2.2 Leathers N’ Straps Bracelet of their choice

Female winners recieve this beautiful Posh Nouveau Accordion white dress comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Female and male winner receive this fun Tee-Shirt of their size!

Are youa  stylish male or female who exudes that undeniable ‘it’ factor that
eludes definition. Do you use fashion to express their creativity
and confidence.  Then, you are a PoshStyclelist. A synergy of two complimentary brands (Posh Nouveau,
and Restycle), PoshStycle aims to highlight  men and women who possess
effortless  stylistic sensibility and delivery.

Did you get your fab gown, or suit yet? Well hurry! See you at the Red Carpet on Saturday! Kisses!!

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