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Why is Victoria Beckham Grabbing Eva Longoria’s Breasts???

February 26, 2012 by Sai Sankoh

Oh, seems like my favorite Bristish celebrity is in a “Grabbing” phase. She was first spotted grabbing David Beckham’s umm..package here, and now she is …get your mind out of the gutter. She is actually jokingly covering her bff’s Eva Longoria’s breast for a twitter picture. The ladies were out celebrating to  The Eva Longoria Foundation at a Vanity Fair party. Congrats Eva!! I am acutally happy to see her doing such funny things, even though I love and adore her, I always found her to be too serious, I hardly ever see her smile, so good for her :). I think I just fell in love with her even more, since I am such a boobie girl :) Images from OK!

Why is Victoria Beckham Grabbing Eva Longoria's Breast??

Eva, Victoria, and Kate Beckinsale

The back of Victoria's Dress! Hot!!



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