Fab Personal Stylista of the Day: Fierce, Fabulous and Daring Sia Borbor

November 1, 2011 by biaf
I am so happy to introduce my friend the beautiful, stylish, intelligent and uber fabulous Sia Borbor as Fab Personal Stylista of the day. Just to explain how fabulous she is, I had NEVER heard of the designer GianFranco Ferre before, and this lady called me out of no where and saw these shoes she thought I would love to have, she was right, I immediately bought two pairs of them, I wore the cream ones here and I wore the black ones here. I would love to show off  her insane shoe collection, especially the Christian Louboutins and Chanels, but I think I will just have to take pictures and show you guys another time. She is Fabulous, funny, intelligent and fierce, Miss Sia BorBor.

“The type of clothes a woman wears can typically identify her fashion personality. “
“This is why I am so inspired and intrigued by fashion icons like Victorian Beckham and Rihanna because they are not afraid to try new things and be different from everyone else.  “
“Today the modern woman has variety of styles they can pick from to most identify with.  Most women tend to lean towards one particular type of style combined with a touch of her own style which typically represents the person who she is the most. “
“I love daring and bold things that make a loud statement.  I am never afraid to wear things that the average woman would not dare wear.  When I wear bold clothing I add on a touch of my own style which may include adding extra accessories or trendy shoes that has eyes and heads turning for days.”

“Everyone essentially has their own sense of style and it is really about how you present your style that best represents you that matters the most.”
As for me in particular because I have such a passion for fashion I cherish all types of fashion whether it is romantic, classic, trendy, gothic, or casual.  However I must admit that I am a very trendy fashionista. I think today in the fashion world style can represent so many things.      “
Love this Loubies!!
” Everyone would like to believe that their style is the best and there is a right and wrong way but I believe fashion is about being creative and daring to be different. “

Ok I am officially coat-jacking you!
The details in this coat is just insane!!
“I only wish that more women would just dare to be there self when it comes to fashion because at the end of the day as Yves Saint Laurent has so eloquently said  “what’s important about the dress is the woman wearing it”


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