Fab Personal Stylista of the Day: Justina Uche the Long-Legged, Eclectic Nigerian Bombshell

October 31, 2011 by biaf
The beautiful Justina is a lady I met this past summer at a cook out, her bold use of color and her fab shoes was what caught my attention. She is super beautiful and I would kill for her legs. Readers meet the stunning and vintage loving nigerian hottie Justina! 
I consider my style as Vintage with a Modern twist (Mixing Old &New Styles)! I love to be unique, and my style gives me that unique look and affordable as well. I love fashion, I love looking good and I love people who love fashion. People like Sai Sankoh, they inspire me actually!  Being Fabulous is my world is being able to fully embrace everything around me! Living, Loving, laughing and enjoying the beauty of life and what it all has to offer. **Kisses**
Thank you Miss Justina for being our fab personal stylista of the day! One quick question, how can you magically send 10 bb messages in less than 5 seconds? :) xoxo doll. To buy her stylish collections go to her Facebook page Posh Nouveau.
Do you know someone with great personal style or do YOU want to be featured as the next Stylista? Send me an email to [email protected]


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